T35163 TAMIYA 1/35 TYPE 61 TANK


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T35163 TAMIYA 1/35 TYPE 61 TANK


Japan Ground Self-Defense Force Type 61 Tank
Noteworthy as the first domestically-manufactured tank in post-WWII Japan, the Type 61 was officially commissioned in April of 1961.

This precision plastic model assembly kit accurately recreates the compact form of the tank, designed for use in the relatively cramped spaces of the Japanese archipelago, and even for transportation by rail.
Length: 238mm
Realistic depictions of 12.7mm machine guns, smoke dischargers and even the canvas material used to cover the main gun mantlet.
Fine molding ensures that aspects such as transmission cover panel bolts and weld lines are succinctly and authentically captured.
The kit comes with a commander figure
5 marking options!