P0329 Mugen Seiki Pit Caddy (Blue OR Black)

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Transport your nitro accessories in style with the new Nitro Pit Caddy from Mugen Seiki. Great for carrying tools, fuel, starter box, fuel bottle, and fuel gun. Keep your nitro accessories organised with the durable pit caddy from Mugen Seiki.

- Durable, heavy duty material
- Padded handle
- Lightweight
- Eight small loops for misc. tools and one larger Velcro adjustable loop for larger items
- Front and rear halves of the bag measure 15" x 5" (approx.)
- Two inner side pockets for fuel bottles and or fuel gun
- Three front pockets for additional storage with one pocket with Velcro for securing items

When empty, easy to assemble / disassemble for traveling. Mugen Seiki has produced pit caddy's for over 12 years, get the original, get a Mugen Seiki Pit Caddy!