KX210012 X-ONE 2113 Torque M Kit, Pro HD Coating (S Series)

REDS Racing

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Do you require high RPM power and top speed for your engine? Reds 2113 X-One pipe is what you are looking for.

REDS off-road 2113 X-ONE™ Torque Pipe combines REDS 2113 Pipe and M Manifold to create this one-piece "High Power’’ exhaust. The new exhaust guarantees smoother power output at low RPM and higher mid range power and top speed.

Reds Racing was the first company to bring this innovative and unique X-ONE™ system to the market and thanks to the experience of our engineers and our team, we are taking it to levels never seen before.

Reds X-ONE™ system is an innovative and unique all-in-one pipe-manifold system. The pipe has been welded to the manifold to improve performance and fuel consumption. With this X-ONE configuration there is no need for springs or gaskets, and the one piece design creates increased reliability and improved tuning stability.