H2008 MRX6X Kit

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H2008 MRX6X Kit

Features of the new MRX6X kit (H2008) includes:

- New front suspension geometry. The new front uprights and aluminum bearing holders
give you more overall steering and have a more precise steering feel.
The shape of the upper front arm also changed to accommodate the current bodies on the market.
- The new front shock tower and lower shock mounts have new geometry that increase
steering in the middle to the exit of the turn.
- New rear suspension geometry. The new rear upper A-arms and rear upper arm plate
help improve rear traction.
- 0.8M pinion & spur gear. The new 0.8M pinion and spur gear will increase drive train
efficiency. You'll notice increased acceleration and increased runtime.
- New roll bar for easier refueling. This will allow quicker pit stops.
- New front drive shaft. The new front drives shafts allow increase steering angles and
more overall steering.
- The front wheel lever (H2231) and rear wheel lever (H2232) are standard equipment on
the MRX6X and allow easier installing/removing of wheels.