E2572 Emulsion Damper Caps (2pcs)

Mugen Seiki

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Mugen Seiki Emulsion Damper Caps allow you to use one cap for all conditions and shock building styles with Mugen Seiki’s 16mm shocks.

With the Emulsion Damper Caps you have the option to run the stock bladders or run emulsion style. E2572 includes two emulsion dampers caps, two precut bladders, two damper cap bushings, two bleeder screws, and two aluminum washers.

The emulsion damper caps improve your vehicles landing of large jumps and will have a more precise feeling when changing directions. The emulsion damper caps excel on higher speed track conditions.

Items included:

E2572 - Emulsion Damper Cap (2pcs.)

E2573 - Silicone Seal (2pcs.)

E2574 - OW2x4x0.5mm Alum. Washer (2pcs)

B0660/8 - SG2x4mm Cap Head Screw (2pcs)

E0546 - Damper Cap Bushing (2pcs.)