A-Main 30% 1 Litre Nitro Fuel

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A-Main Nitro Fuel gives you MORE power, BETTER engine protection, LONGER runtime and VALUE for money.


Designed - Developed - Tested and Blended here in Australia for our demanding and varied Australian conditions.

Did you know - RC Nitro Fuel is made from 3 key ingredients - Nitromethane, Methanol & Lubricating Oils. Based on extensive Testing we have selected only the Best ingredients and Blends to ensure your Nitro Engine runs like it was designed to!

A-Main Nitro Fuel consists of both Top Quality Synthetic and Castor oil, this allows Maximum Performance & Maximum Protection - We've also added a special rust inhibitor, just incase you forget to do that pesky maintenance.

Don't make Tuning a Nitro Engine any harder then it needs to be! Trust A-Main Nitro Fuel to keep your engine running safely at its best!


*Please check with your manufacturer as to which Nitro Content is suited for your model.


For use in both On-Road and Off-Road applications.

NOTE: Please allow extra shipping time as Dangerous Goods must ship via road freight only.